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We’re proud to be presentation geeks. It’s nice to know that our laser focus on fixing the world’s presentation problems is helping improve communication, slide by slide.

But, we admit, it is a little niche.

Of course, sometimes our presentation geekiness can be a blessing. We’re the presentation design, delivery and training experts our partners turn to when they want to engage with people who eat, drink and sleep presentation design and storytelling to help their customers.


If you shudder every time a client utters the word ‘presentation’, we’re here to help. We’re happy to apply our expertise in whatever way suits you, white-labelled or as independent partners.

Prescriptive brand guidelines, nightmare deadlines, multiple stakeholders…we’ve got the experience and expertise to make these headaches disappear, allowing you to focus in the important stuff. Oh, and our trade pricing ensures you not only deliver best-in-class presentation support to your clients, you also profit from it…


Working with a sales team to develop their skills and impact is one thing. Equipping them with a sales presentation and collateral to make a difference is another. It’s akin to training a finely tuned athlete and then sending them out on track in carpet slippers. It makes no sense…

We’re on hand to help you deliver a complete sales enablement solution and ensure that sales teams really benefit from the value you bring them.


You’ve tripled checked everything – the venue, seating, invites, theme, logistics, catering. Your hard work means that the event should be a triumph…but then the speakers turn up with the most boring and disjointed presentations known to man. Disaster.

That’s where we step in. Disaster averted.


There are countless presentation skills trainers out there that will teach people on how to stand and what to do with their hands. While this is valuable when presenters have got the fundamentals of audience analysis, storytelling and delivery down pat, it’s pretty darned pointless if they haven’t.

If you’re looking for a presentation training partner that goes beyond the obvious and delivers expertise that really differentiates your presentation skills offering from the crowd, we should have a chat.

All our presentation training courses are tailored to suit the type of presentation you will be presenting. Take a look at our range of training courses available for sales and pitches, marketing and events, internal communications and technical and CPD presentations. If your requires do not fall neatly into any of these categories, not to worry, we also offer bespoke presentation training courses too.


Eyeful Ireland

If you’re a large Irish company looking for presentation excellence, or a smaller business looking to get your message heard – you’ve come to the right place.

Contact our Dublin based expert Ronan Kinahan now…



Fortunately, those in need of presentation salvation on the Continent can turn to Eyeful Netherlands.

Our good friend Sander Reijn is passionate about helping European businesses to make the most of their presentation opportunities…


Sales Engine

If you’re after guidance to support your bids, sales training or account management plans, then our sister company, Sales Engine, are the people to talk to.

Contact the team now to find out how we work hand in hand to ensure your pitch goes the full distance…


We’re often complimented on our website, and the genius behind it are the good people at Rockhopper.

So, if you need a powerful and engaging website, then  Rockhopper Digital are really rather good…


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