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For anyone who visits this blog often you’ll know my number one sport is football. Everything else (usually) pales into insignificance, well, Wimbledon might get my interest should Murray make the final…

However, on Tuesday night I was enthralled by the Olympic cycling in Rio and the amazing success Team GB had in the form of Jason Kenny winning his sixth gold medal and his fiancée Laura Trott picking up her fourth gold – I’m ashamed to admit I’d never heard of these two before.

The most exciting cycling event was the Individual Sprint which was basically the best of 3 short races – I can’t believe I now understand how cycle races work!

German rider Kristina Vogel easily took the first race against Team GB’s Becky James. So in the second race the pressure was on the Brit not to lose again. James picked up the pace and as they headed neck and neck for the finish line, Vogel lunged her bike forward with such force, her saddle ripped off in the process…

So, by giving it one last blast of effort, Vogel took the gold medal.

Just as Shaunae Miller did on Sunday… Miller, a runner for the Bahamas, was in second place in the 400m as she neared the finish line, but with one last gasp she dived over the finish line to take gold!

So real proof that giving it one last blast of effort can help you reap the rewards.

And you can apply the same thinking to presentations…

If time is ticking down and your presentation is coming to a close, what final one percent can you apply to help you over the finish line?

The best thing to do at this crucial moment is to pause and think about your objective. Focus on the reason you walked into that meeting or event, before naturally leading your audience to the call to action you want them to follow.

It might sound simple, but so many PowerPoint presentation design’s lack this most basic, yet important element.

When it comes to presentations this is your lunge, leap or lean.

The truth is though that the last moment lunge wasn’t what truly won these athletes the gold, it was the preparation and sacrifice over the previous 4 years that delivered the result. Olympian’s don’t win gold because of short cuts or last minute panics… the same goes for powerful presentations.

“I’m just so happy that it all came together (on the day). I honestly can’t thank everyone at home enough… Like the people we work with in the gym to the people that look at our power data, my nutritionist… Especially to my coach… who has me stropping because I can’t do the powers that he’s given me, to then today when it goes really, really well.”
Laura Trott, Team GB Cyclist, moments after winning her 4th gold medal

Trott’s key sentiment here being that a lot of hard work came together at the right time. The instant a presenter steps out in front of an audience, their moment of truth begins too.

An Olympic event and a presentation are both the culmination of a lot of hard work – opportunities to present take a lot of time and effort to generate, equally it takes a lot of hard work and determination to plan, create and deliver a successful presentation.

This is why this presentation design company exists – Eyeful are the team behind the world’s best business presentations.

So to make sure your presentation is on course for a gold medal, just get in touch with the team that will support you all the way to the podium…



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