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News has broken that a forthcoming update to Microsoft’s famous paint program, means that 3D presentations are on the horizon…

Now before everyone gets dizzy with excitement let’s hold our horses. Right now this is just news, the updates are ‘coming in early 2017’ and if other Microsoft PowerPoint updates are to go by such as Zoom and Presentation Designer, they won’t blow your socks off just yet.

But hey, let’s not get too downbeat. The business world is more than ready for this type of PowerPoint presentation design and if you really want to know how this will improve your presentations, then follow this blog.

We’ll test it out, figure out how it works and create an example of 3D used in business presentations.

As teaching kids how to do this on the latest Surface is all well and good, but if your PC is 5 years old and you’re as time poor as the rest of us, you’ll need to know how you can realistically use 3D…

My Bloody Valentine 3D

Is a warning to all! An average movie, shot in 3D ready for the initial wave of 3D movies back in 2009…

Stick a load of 3D content in your presentation might make you look cool for 5 minutes, but like with any other graphic, animation or video element in your presentation it needs to help tell your story and inspire the audience to follow your call to action – otherwise, what’s the point?!

I asked Eyeful’s CEO Simon Morton his thoughts on the matter and his thoughts were on the same lines as my own…

“Cool technology like this and HoloLens are exciting…but will only really have an impact when people see beyond the novelty and add value to their presentations because of it. How does 3D aid storytelling? Can this provide a deeper engagement with audiences because of enhanced understanding and not just their interest in the cool tech? Once we have the answers to this (and Eyeful is perfectly placed to explore the options and potential benefits), we can get truly excited. For the minute, it’s cool…but that’s as far as it goes…”

So for now enjoy the prospect of one day using elements of 3D to help share your presentation messages and when the time comes we’ll show you how it could make your presentations even better.



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