B2B Video Has Lost Its Mojo

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Eyeful Lens, General information, Video

Do you remember the first time you received an email? Exciting, wasn’t it?

What about the first text message? Yep – I remember that too…

And while this may age me, I recall sending my first fax and uttering to a colleague, “That’s it – we’ve arrived at the future…”

Now think about your relationship with email now. What was once an exciting novelty has become a burden. Work is dominated by a daily battle to tame your inbox from a tsunami of unfocused, irrelevant and, frankly, irritating emails. What was once exciting is now an unwelcome distraction.

Sadly, the same can be said for B2B video. The novelty of receiving a link to a video has quickly waned as they have suffered the same fate as email – untargeted, horribly generic and in a volume that means they are now very much a nuisance.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Done well, B2B video is a powerful tool:

So how do we ensure that B2B video doesn’t end up in the same place as email? The answer is obvious – think differently.

Target more

Personalising B2B video is a tricky thing to pull off… but it IS possible.

Do less

Do you want to be a flash-in-the pan internet sensation or create deeper long-standing relationships with your target audience? If it’s the latter, send less (and make it more relevant).

Deliver better 

Once you start thinking about your audience rather than YouTube hits, the options for smarter engagement open up. Build valuable engagements with your target audience by ensuring they receive your video in a format that resonates with them and sparks the next stage of conversation.

So where do you start?  Let us explain through the following video (and, yes, we get the irony):

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