Bite-size Advice on Each Stage of the Presentation Process

by | May 22, 2017 | General information

Last week it was Learning at Work Week. To mark this national event each day we shared lovely bite-sized pieces of presentation insight relating to every stage of the presentation creation process…


We started off with the most important part of any presentation – your audience. To help you focus your presentation on your audience, we shared our fantastic Audience Heatmap Generator. This is where you can generate some great insight into your own audience, as you receive an informative Audience Heatmap.  This offers some brilliant advice on what content is going to best encourage your audience to follow your call to action.


We shared our Key Message Headline presentation structure, which is a hugely popular communication structure widely used in journalism, education and business…

Story Visualisation

Eyeful’s presentation consultant Luke Riordan provided his views on why it’s important to start presentations on paper, whilst our key message visualiser Samantha Potter gave a lesson in storyboarding, in her guide to presentation visualisation.

PowerPoint PowerHacks

Our PowerPoint PowerHacks offered six of the best time saving tips our expert presentation designers live by every single day…

Presentation Delivery

We sat down with Eyeful MD Rob Bailey and recorded a podcast on his 5 Golden Rules for delivering more engaging presentations.

Presentation Leave-Behinds

We ended the week with a reminder that even when your presentation is over, it lives on in your audience’s mind. If you don’t support them with an effective presentation leave-behind, their memory could distort your key messages in all kind of ways… To help with this we shared 4 perfect presentation leave-behinds that will keep your message clear for any type of audience.

Visit our dedicated page and gain access to all of this great insight and give your next presentation a much higher chance of success…



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