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Everyone loves to give advice. How to best train your dog, prune your roses or break your park run PB. Everyone has words of wisdom to impart…

Some of this advice sticks and becomes widely adopted wisdom. Some of it quickly fails and is never talked of again. And some of it takes on a mythical quality.

Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 presentation rule sits very nicely in the third category. Developed 15 years ago, it appears to be standing the test of time – there are those that still slavishly follow the model while others roll their eyes, disregarding it as a passing fad. So, what do Eyeful’s presentation storytelling and design experts think?

Well, if there’s one rule that we know applies to presentations, it’s that one size never fits all. As such, there’s a very good chance that Guy’s 10-20-30 model may contain some pearls of wisdom that will help you develop your next presentation. To find out quite how, view the video below…

Just to reiterate – one size never fits all.

Our own advice is to take time to educate yourself on the wide variety of story, design and deliver options available to presenters. Or, of course, you could drop a line or pick up the phone to speak to the experts so they can guide you on delivering business value and results from your next presentation.

If nothing else, downloading this useful infographic on the 10-20-30 presentation model is a great place to start.

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