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Let’s address the elephant in the room: PowerPoint presentations have become a bit, well, plump over the years. They’ve lost that lean and agile quality and have become weighty, unwieldy, and, frankly, rather cumbersome.

We’ve all been there – you spend hours putting together the perfect presentation, only to find that the file size has ballooned to a point where emailing it becomes impossible, and even sharing via FTP sites like WeTransfer becomes a nightmare. And then there’s the fact that your PC’s hard drive has started to beg for mercy.

Now, there are many factors that contribute to this issue. Images that haven’t been compressed are a major culprit, as are templates that have become cluttered and unmanageable. But there is some good news to be had -there are several ways to trim the digital fat and get your file sizes back to their svelte and sleek originals.

Watch the video for the lowdown from two of Eyeful’s geekiest presentation geeks:

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