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Building a Better Business – ‘Eyeful Badges’

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Featured News, Presentation Design, Sales

Presentations are so much more than fancy design.

Or stories.

Or delivery skills.

And so it goes without saying that a great presentation business is made up of people who are so much more than one discipline. Yes, we want incredible storytellers . Of course, we rely on our market-leading presentation design team . And we’d be lost without our brilliant trainers …but we’re a business that wants to help our people become more rounded in all the elements that make up a great presentation experience. That way, we’re all equipped with the skills that make that invaluable difference for our customers and, more importantly, their audiences.

To help us support the hunger and enthusiasm of our Eyefulites for new skills, we’ve developed an ‘Eyeful Badges’ system to help harness and share the knowledge we have within our team.

This internally focused ‘In Conversation’ video explains the process of developing the programme and the long term vision we have for expanding the knowledge and skills of our entire team:




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