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It’s A Bit Like What Richard Branson Said

Like any business worth its salt, Eyeful is passionate about its people. Combined, our Eyefulites provide the energy, expertise, passion, courage and commitment that keeps us growing at a remarkable pace. They ensure every customer feels special. They make the...

Present as part of a Communication Toolkit

Here’s something to ponder – even great presentations can be let down by what precedes or follows them (or, more commonly, by what doesn’t precede or follow them). Of course, presentations are incredibly important – the preparation and investment in...

A Blunt Question – Why Eyeful?

Why choose Eyeful over other presentation agencies? It’s a fair question… We could say that because we’ve been in business for over 16 years, we really know our stuff. We could say it’s because we have the scale and a large team full of brilliant people who care...
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