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We live, breathe and eat presentations and visual communication, and we’re not afraid to admit it.

While this singular approach (nay, obsession) can sometimes impact our day-to-day lives (idle chit-chat at dinner parties can be a challenge), it does equip us with the skills and experience to take on some monumental tasks with ease. In fact, it can transform a challenge that on paper looks impossible and turn it into a somewhat joyful project. We call it ‘eating an elephant’ (i.e one small bite at a time).

A case in point:

  • A world-renowned professional services firm turns to us to support them with an upcoming conference.
  • 25 presenters, all in need of bespoke stories and visuals, are clambering for help
  • The existing content is complex (some of it mindblowing) and needs overhauling and simplifying to appeal to a mixed audience
  • Oh, and turnaround in 2 weeks, please.

Our response? Bring it on…

By following our proven Presentation Optimisation process, we deep-dived into the needs of the audience. We started to apply different storytelling techniques while developing a wide range of valuable visuals to support each presenter. And our project management team seamlessly oversaw the entire process, ensuring we were able to ‘eat the (presentation) elephant’, one bite at a time.

As Jack Phipps, the Account Director for this particular project, explains in the video below, it wasn’t just about getting over the line. No – it was about getting it delivered in record time to the highest standard and further strengthening a client relationship built on trust, energy, and, you guessed it, fun.

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