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Customer Sector: Food & Beverage

Presentation Type: Pitch Presentation

Timescale: 2 weeks from initial engagement to pitch presentation

The Background:

Launching into a new marketplace is always a challenge. That challenge is even bigger when you are looking to position your new products in a well-established marketplace dominated by two very large players. It was with this challenge in mind that our customer turned to Eyeful to support the launch of their new coffee brand into the UK marketplace. They had secured a speaking slot at a large trade event, giving them direct access to a varied and potentially very lucrative audience.

With stakes this high, it was imperative they were armed with an impactful and persuasive presentation.

The Eyeful Solution:

Stage 1 – Analyse The Audience

Applying our Audience Heatmap process allowed us to build a good understanding of the audience, from their reasons for attending the presentation, identifying their challenges and the potential actions post-presentation.

Stage 2 – Test & Refine Messaging

The analysis of the audience allowed our Content Creation team to craft a message that would prompt positive action from the audience. The team chose to follow Eyeful’s Audience Pathway Model to deliver a persuasive and engaging presentation structure.

Stage 3 – Develop Valuable Visuals

Once completed, we were then able to develop a series of visuals that not only captured the essence of the new brand, but, very clearly and with great impact, demonstrated the value it would bring to the audience.

Stage 4 – Presenter Coaching

Following development of the slide deck, our work continued as we coached the experienced (but understandably nervous speaker) in preparation for the event. This support was initially in person and then followed up with a series of online coaching sessions. The hard work of the presenter and Eyeful team paid off – it was an extremely successful event for the new business.

Stage 5 – Equipping the Sales Team

The powerful pitch presentation message was redeployed to support a ‘Land & Expand’ programme for the fast growing sales team. We worked with the sales leader to develop and onboard a fully interactive sales tool kit to help the sales team follow up on the new opportunities generated by the event.

To learn more about how the Eyeful offering can support your next ‘must win’ pitch, contact the team on +44 (0)1455 826 390 or via eyeful@eyefulpresentations.com.

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