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Customer Sector: Facilities Management

Presentation Type: Sales Presentation

Timescale: 6 weeks from initial engagement to roll-out

The Background:

Mergers and acquisitions bring complexity and risk.

This client came to us following a large acquisition of a competitor. After the dust had settled, they recognised their business had been changed beyond comparison, quickly evolving from a family-run business that had steadily grown based on reputation and strong relationships to a larger organisation that now needed to engage in a different way with a more diverse and complex customer base.

The new CMO identified that they needed to define and tell their new story and ensure it was delivered in a way that both differentiated them from the market and clearly demonstrated the benefits of the new larger business.

The Eyeful Solution:

Stage 1 – Analyse The Audience

We immediately identified that the audience they were looking to engage with was markedly different from their previous guise. This new audience was more procurement led, analytical and price conscious. Sales conversations were now driving much larger contracts, attracting more competition and scrutiny of the value proposition.  

By utilising Eyeful’s Audience Heatmap process, the team were able to identify a number of common behaviours and audience personas. We then set to work developing key messages and tools to support the client’s engagement throughout the sales process.

Stage 2 – Develop The Delivery Method

It was important that the rethinking of the sales story was worked into the entire sales process, from initial engagement with a suspect through to pitch presentation, and ultimately driving the opportunity through to close.

Key outcomes were the creation of a sales story based on Eyeful’s Audience Pathway model which was then developed into an interactive toolkit presentation, thus prompting a more conversational and consultative engagement with the prospect.

We also identified that that to open doors at the start of the sales process and then to support ‘internal champions’ further down the engagement, the use of personalised video and technologies like Eyeful Lens would be important in reinforcing the new proposition. We were also able to provide animated infographics and explainers in GIF formats to support the client’s corporate marketing social media campaign.

Stage 3 – Coaching For Success

After completing the tool development, we worked with the sales team to not only realign their approach to presentations through our ‘Think Act & Deliver differently’ training programme but also to onboard the new presentation toolkit.

These coaching sessions were initially conducted through onsite workshops with further coaching and support delivered remotely.

Stage 4 – Delivering Bid Support

The relationship continued long after the launch of the new presentation materials. As new relationships were formed with larger prospects, the client engaged our sister company, Sales Engine, to support them on formal bids and tender responses.

To learn more about how the Eyeful offering can support your next sales presentation, contact the team on +44 (0)1455 826 390 or via eyeful@eyefulpresentations.com.

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