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Customer Sector: Transportation

Presentation Type: Internal Comms Presentation

Timescale: 4 weeks from initial engagement to roll-out

The Background:

Internal communication is tricky to manage at the best of times. The challenges become ever more complex when you are a large organisation, with a diverse audience and staring down the barrel of a large scale (and rather urgent) strategic change. Such was the quandary faced by a large logistics company when they turned to Eyeful for support.

The urgency of this strategic change came from a mix of external challenges – new competitors in the marketplace, the changing role of technology in the sector, rising fuel costs and Brexit uncertainty. This cocktail of challenges needed the entire business, from senior management to warehouse operative, aligned and engaged to navigate their way through turbulent but potentially positive changes within the marketplace.

The stakes were high. The effectiveness of this internal communication project was imperative.

The Eyeful Solution:

Stage 1 – Analyse The Audience

The specific needs of the audience as analysed by Eyeful using our Audience Heatmap process. This was particularly important based on the varied workforce – office-based managers, through drivers to shop floor workers within the warehouse.

Despite the diverse nature of the audience, we needed to identify a single form of communication that would allow the leadership team to communicate across the entire organisation. A clear understanding of the audience allowed us to test and refine messaging and delivery formats to ensure engagement throughout the business.

Stage 2 – Develop The Delivery Method

Our research allowed us to follow a less traditional approach, moving away from the formal ‘one-way communication style’ of old and instead developing a new engagement through gamification.

This approach allowed the leadership team to clearly communicate, demonstrate and validate a set of strong strategic messages that, in turn, would deliver the changes required by the wider employee team. The format of mixed interactive workshop sessions, coupled with formal contributions from the leadership team, set the scene for a positive engagement from all.

Stage 3 – Develop Valuable Visuals

Once completed, we were then able to develop a series of visuals that not only captured the essence of the changing business, but also prompted wider discussions within the workshops.

Stage 4 – Coaching For Success

The workshops were guided and supported by a presentation delivery team that had been coached by Eyeful. These coaching sessions were conducted both in person and online with further support available remotely.

Stage 5 – Reinforcing & Embedding The Message

Follow up materials (printed and online) were developed by Eyeful and distributed to the audience post-workshop to reinforce the new strategic direction of the business.

To learn more about how the Eyeful offering can support your next high stakes internal comms project, contact the team on +44 (0)1455 826 390 or via eyeful@eyefulpresentations.com.

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