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You’ve galvanised the audience with some ‘blue sky thinking’, prompting them to ‘think outside the box’ through a series of ‘thought showers’. This is the moment where ‘shift happens’ and you join up with your audience to take on the challenges of this brave new world.

You can almost taste victory…

The problem is that your audience are simply staring back at you with mouths open, patently confused and bewildered. It would seem that your finest management jargon-ese has flown over their heads and you’re now faced with an audience that simply has no clue what you want from them.

You’re better than this – #PresentBetter

Clear communication is a presentation imperative. The team at Eyeful are on hand to declutter your overly-complex, acronym-strewn presentation and ensure that the important stuff gets remembered and actioned by your audience. After all, isn’t that what this whole presentation lark is about in the first place?

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