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Everything You Wanted To Know About Presentation Efficiency But Were Afraid To Ask

‘Be careful what you wish for’ is a phrase that comes to mind when we talking about some of our larger enterprise client relationships. These engagements often start with a quick ‘slide refresh’ to help someone out before an important presentation but can quickly snowball to becoming an enterprise-wide relationship where you’re being asked for support from left, right and centre.

Granted, this might sound like a wonderful problem to have…but a lack of control or focus on efficiency for our client could very quickly come back to bite us. Trust can quickly evaporate; brand control raises its head and invoice reconciliation queries become the norm. What was once so positive becomes a painful process for everyone involved.

Of course, delivering a great service is only part of the solution. A presentation partner should also look at how to make life easier, ensure controls are in place and, ultimately make it as efficient and cost effective as possible for the end client. With these basics in place, the relationship can flourish from a strong foundation.

It’s with this thinking in mind that we share our latest ‘In Conversation’ video – Enterprise Presentation Efficiency. In this video, Luke Riordan, Head of Sales, talks about a Professional Services client with whom we faced similar challenges. He shares the journey from ‘quick wins’ to building a partnership that is built on trust, shared objectives and a hunger to evolve in line with an ever changing set of requirements. The net result for the client (improved win rates and reduced costs to name just two) ensures a win-win for both parties.


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