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A couple of months ago, I posted a blog that shared the six hard-earned lessons I’ve picked up over years of working with Eyeful’s presentation customers.

It seemed to resonate with my designer brethren; both those lucky enough to get this cheat-code and those who read with a wry smile of recognition of a similar journey.

So, to keep momentum on the subject, I’ve prepared for you lucky people a video version of my musings where we go into a bit more depth on 6 key areas:

And for those who like to keep a tick-list handy:

  1. Be Prepared: Do your homework BEFORE the call
  2. Listen & Repeat: Pay attention, capture the important stuff…and then check
  3. Admit When You Don’t Understand: Seek clarity, even if you feel uncomfortable doing so
  4. Challenge: You’re the design professional – this is where you start adding value
  5. Get Inside Their Heads: Understand, empathise and align with your customer
  6. Play It Back: Check, summarise and ensure you’re both on the same page

In any project, this is the first opportunity to show your prowess and start to squeeze each and every bit of quality out of a job, so hopefully, these 6 points help get you to your best work, quickest. And ultimately, it should leave the client happy and safe in the knowledge they came to the right place.

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