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“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”

No one really knows the origin of this well-trodden quote. Some say it was Mark Twain, others, Henry Ford. A few have even attributed it to Anthony Robbins! Whichever wise sage originally coined the phrase, they probably weren’t thinking about corporate PowerPoint presentations at the time.

But the message holds true.

So true.

Why? Because of the part it can play in one small but vital part of the presentation process – the Call to Action.

Presenters seem petrified of prompting change. Rather than directing their audience to do something different – to change – they’ll happily pull their punch and conclude their presentation with an inane ‘Any Questions?’ slide.

The same slide they’ve always used. And the same conclusion to each and every one of their business presentations.

And they are left with that all too familiar feeling that they’ve not made the most of the hard-fought presentation opportunity.

What a waste. Why oh why do presenters – from sales to technical – put all the time and effort required to not only get the chance to speak but then craft a story and set of accompanying PowerPoint presentation slides, and then wimp out at the vital stage?

In the latest edition of our ‘In Conversation’ video series, we dig a little deeper into the importance and immense power of a well-crafted Call to Action. We share proven methods for prompting valuable audience action from a corporate presentation and how to deliver it in a way that feels natural, not salesy.

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