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“There must be a reason they don’t teach presentation design at art college.”

We’ve heard it all before – for many aspiring career creatives, the idea of spending much of their working day in PowerPoint is an anathema. After all, how interesting can visualising corporate storytelling storyboards really be?

This prejudice has been a challenge in our niche sector for more years than I can remember. Despite the many elements in play on most projects (presentation design, infographics, video production, motion graphics, branding), fresh-faced and talented designers rarely beat a path to our door. It’s frustrating, but a situation our sector has got used to over time.

However, for every rule, there are always a few exceptions…and the brilliant Joe Allen is one of them. Since joining the Eyeful Presenations team, he’s enthusiastically added his creative flair and visual intelligence to some of the world’s biggest companies and most highly prized brands. He’s played a crucial part in developing e-learning materials for a leading manufacturer, problem solved with our international agency partners and, perhaps most memorably, raised a glass with one of our leisure customers at their company do (quite literally a p*ss up in a brewery).

Joe has landed on his feet here and has quickly progressed to being one of Eyeful’s Senior Designers (a select group – they really know their stuff). So, how did that happen? What pearls of wisdom does he have to share with other aspiring creatives? At this point, it’s probably best to let Joe tell his own story – over to you, Mr Allen:

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