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Recently, a customer approached me with a familiar predicament. They’d read about our ‘Sustain’ concept  and liked it. They were pretty sure they’d been doing this for a while, but the results were not great. In fact, they were pretty poor, and they couldn’t understand why.

Upon further investigation, it became evident that they were sharing complete recordings of their online presentations, recorded via Teams.

This common mistake raises a crucial question: when was the last time you watched an entire hour-long video? It’s safe to assume that the answer is rarely. Let’s face it – if we’re going to find it a challenge, how can we expect our busy hidden stakeholders to do so?


Option 1: Condensed Key Points and Calls to Action

A powerful alternative to sharing lengthy recordings is to create a brand-new overview that focuses on the essential key points and agreed-upon actions from your meeting (your presentation did include clear Call to Actions, right?).

Utilise PowerPoint or platforms like Loom to deliver a concise summary tailored specifically to your hidden stakeholders. By acknowledging their needs and crafting a concise and compelling call to action, you can make a lasting impact without requiring hours of their time.

Option 2: Edit and Personalise

For those who have already recorded their presentations, editing the video to retain crucial information while removing noise and superfluous elements is another option.

Importantly, ensure you bookend the video with a personalised introduction and conclusion to establish a genuine connection with that hard-to-reach audience. This doesn’t have to be a Merchant Ivory production – a simple video shot on your smartphone can effectively convey authenticity. Then share the final product privately through platforms like YouTube or Vimeo – simple but effective.

Option 3: Embrace Strategic Thinking

Recognising that Sustain engagements require a slower, more nuanced approach, you might consider building a personalised online platform that evolves over time. As your face-to-face conversations progress and reveal key insights, incorporate these into this platform, turning it into your stakeholders’ go-to source for relevant information.

By transitioning from ‘just another salesperson’ to a ‘trusted advisor’, you can deepen their engagement and foster long-term relationships. Platforms such as Ceros offer excellent tools for this purpose.

Option 4: Explore Offline Channels

While digital platforms are popular, it’s essential not to overlook traditional methods of communication – people still like to receive post!
For stakeholders who prefer tangible experiences or are wary of links in emails, consider alternatives like Eyeful Lens or printed summaries. As always, remember the key lies in sharing valuable and relevant content – regurgitating chapter and verse will only take you right back to square one.


As you contemplate incorporating these strategies into your sales process, it’s natural to consider the associated effort and costs. However, before dismissing the extra work and investment that Sustain inevitably brings, ponder the following questions.

  • What is the value of the deal? Could investing a little more time or money be the deciding factor between winning or losing it?
  • How much have you already invested in the sales process to reach this stage? Consider marketing, personnel, and training expenses, among others.
  • What is the lifetime value of the relationship you’re building through Sustain? Quantify the potential revenue and profitability that comes with becoming a trusted advisor in the years ahead.

Sustain is not just a passing trend; it’s more critical than ever in our fast-paced world. Embrace the opportunity to revamp your post-presentation engagement strategies and fortify your position in the market.

Start taking Sustain seriously and witness the transformative power it holds – if you don’t, your competition likely will.

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