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Overeating isn’t just for Christmas…

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Charity, General information

What is it about turkey and Christmas for us Brits? Or turkey and thanksgiving for our American brethren? How did such a relatively tasteless bird become such a big deal..?

Now don’t get us wrong. The carnivores in the Eyeful team love a bit of turkey as much as the next man/woman. There is something wonderfully festive about an exceptionally dry meat that you are forced, by tradition, to eat with vegetables that would never normally see the light of day (when was the last time you ate brussel sprouts minus a paper hat?). I’m reliably informed that much the same can be said for nut roast for the veggies amongst us.

So as the countdown to the Christmas break builds steam, we thought we’d share some non-turkey based culinary delights in the form of our Eyeful recipe book. We’ll be releasing the 12 recipes of Christmas over the coming days via our Twitter feed (@eyefulpres for those in the know). Simply Follow our page and Retweet the post on Twitter and we’ll DM you the link to our lavishly designed set of recipes. In the spirit of giving, we’ll also donate a shiny 50p to Eyeful’s chosen charity for 2017, Alzheimer’s Society, for every follow and retweet.

So do yourself (…and your loved ones…and the Alzheimer’s Society) a favour by banishing cold turkey sandwiches and left over sprouts this year. It’s a simple retweet away!



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