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Storytelling, especially in presentations, is remarkably powerful.

It allows presenters to connect with their audiences like nothing else.

It drives action and ensures that both the presenter and audience get value from every interaction.

Oh, and it’s incredibly useful when you’re struggling to translate a complex concept or technical quandary.

And the beauty of it is that we’ve got different story structures for different audiences, requirements and planned outcomes. The art of great presentation storytelling is knowing which particular structure to pull out of the bag or if you do this for a living, which elements to take from each to create a unique story that ticks all the boxes.

Our presentation storytelling team has a long history of working with technical teams who turn to us for the ‘translation’ power of story. As is their way, they’ll take the best bits from a wide canon of different story structures, notably an approach called Minto’s Pyramid Model.

In this short video, our founder, Simon Morton, talks through the options available and where Barbara Minto’s model fits in:

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