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There are many reasons to be proud of Eyeful. There’s the obvious stuff (being one of the World’s best regarded storytelling, visual communication and presentation skills training companies is a good start), but then there are the bits that not many people get to see.

For example, Eyeful has always been a place where people are given the opportunity to try new things. We love to help people spread their wings. We want them to scratch that creative itch.

Our friend and colleague Matt Roper is the epitome of this. He started his Eyeful journey many moons ago as a project manager but demonstrated a creative flair that we couldn’t wait to harness. Fast forward six months, and he’s helping clients through his design and technical PowerPoint skills.

And then into marketing.

And then videography.

Today he not only helps craft amazing videos for us but also for our clients.

So, ask me what I’m proud of, and I’ll point you to stories like Matt’s.

Take it away, Matty:


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