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​After 17 years or so, we recognise that Eyeful means different things to different groups of people.

For those of you who regularly pop along to our website for new ideas for your next internal comms, sales or marketing, technical or pitch presentation; you might view us as that passionate (sometimes over-passionate) bunch who love the art and science of presentation storytelling.

You might turn to us for our technical hints, hacks and inspiring presentation visuals and place us firmly in the ‘PowerPoint presentation design experts’ pile.

And of course, there’s an ever-increasing alumni that lean on Eyeful know-how when looking to nail that next sales, technical or conference presentation. To them, we’re their trusted presentation training company.

Different strokes for different folks.

However, despite the array of engagements we have, there is a constant through all of this – ‘Eyefulocity’. Whatever flavour of Eyeful you’ve engaged with, you’re guaranteed to get a big side portion of passion, integrity, courage and teamwork on us. Free. Gratis.

Why? Because it’s what powers us:

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