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This week, we have been lucky enough to welcome four newbies to our incredible, ever-growing team here at Eyeful. Please join us in welcoming Gemma, Stuart & Ben as Junior Designers and Rowena as a Marketing Intern.

From left to right: Ben, Gemma, Row & Stuart
First up to introduce is Gemma, who has recently graduated as a fashion student from Nottingham Trent University. Gemma is fresh out of uni and ready to bring creative innovations, brand new ideas and slick designs to the team. Although this is her first ‘proper job’ (as she calls it), she has already worked with some major brands, such as SkinnyDip London and Levi’s. When Gemma is not working, she loves to binge watch Netflix (who doesn’t?) – in particular Stranger Things and Black Mirror. She even writes her own blog! It goes without saying that she loves fashion and she also loves going out for food; she is either wearing what she’s earnt or has spent it on food. Gemma is also the owner of a super cute Cockapoo who closely resembles a real-life teddy bear.

Next up is Stuart, who has just stepped off the plane after living in South Africa for nine years! Stuart says that “Apart from having children and getting married, I think I left the country unscathed” (we agree!). Whilst over in South Africa, Stuart has been working with advertisement agencies and he has now come home to settle in Milton Keynes (I’m sure that was a slight culture shock). Stuart enjoys anything creative, particularly art, music and film and he’s hoping to take up Jiu Jitsu if he finds the time.

Then we have Ben, who graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Lancashire University in 2017 and has worked on freelance projects before landing his first ‘proper job’. Ben then went back to freelancing and felt he needed a new challenge, hence joining Eyeful! Ben, we hope Eyeful brings you the challenges you’ve been looking for. Ben is a footy supporter (like many other Eyefulites), with his chosen team being Leicester City. He also enjoys a pint (also like many other Eyefulites), with his chosen pint being IPA – we think Ben will fit right in.

Last but not least is Rowena (known by everyone as Row, yes, literally as in ‘row your boat’), who is currently at the University of Leeds studying Business Management. She is taking a year out to complete internships before returning to Leeds in September for her final year of studying. Like herself, Row’s time with us will be short and sweet as she completes a 3-month work placement. Row is animal obsessed having had pets ranging from the everyday type such as cats, chickens and rabbits (as well as many others), to the downright obscure such as a crab, a soft-shelled turtle and a lobster.

As you may have already gathered, we are a mixed bunch of people here; funny, serious, quiet, quirky, sporty… the list goes on! If you fancy joining the team and you think you’ve got what it takes to become an Eyefulite – take a look at our current vacancies here.

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