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Back in 2018, we started to share our Eyeful Insights reports to a select group of our C-Suite contacts across the globe. Our reasoning was pretty simple – these senior stakeholders were often most responsible for communication; however have the least time to focus on how the intended message can be most effectively delivered.

Since then, we’ve covered topics like addressing the inefficiency of business presentations and how to harness data as a powerful storytelling tool. So we’re delighted to announce that the latest Eyeful Insights report is published today, with a clear focus on the emerging challenge of ‘Hybrid Presenting’.

The concept of ‘hybrid presenting’simultaneously engaging with audiences online and in the room with you – is relatively new but is already proving to be a significant communication challenge as work practices change and audience engagement patterns evolve.

This comprehensive report explores the post-lockdown changes to working practices and their impact on presentation styles. The report also breaks down the three critical adjustments every business communicator must make to address the ‘hybrid seesaw’ and maximise the impact of presentations in this new era.

“Hybrid Presenting is not a fad – it’s inevitable. For too long, business communicators have turned to well-intentioned but tired best practice tropes to meet the challenges of new technologies like Zoom and Teams.

As work practices quickly evolve, presenters need to find ways to address the demands of two distinct audiences simultaneously. It’s time to think differently, hence the publication of our latest Eyeful Insights report.”


Luke Riordan, Commercial Director

Clear and effective B2B communication is more critical than ever. Harvard Business Review described it as a leadership imperative, while Richard Branson is quoted as saying that “Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess”, yet it’s never been tougher.

Eyeful Insights aims to inspire new thinking and practices across the entire communication landscape. ‘The NEW New Normal – Hybrid Presenting’ is the latest in a long list of thought-provoking reports.

Check out the series to date here: https://eyefulpresentations.com/why-eyeful/eyeful-insights/


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