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“To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

PowerPoint is ubiquitous.

Of course, it’s the tool of choice for presenters (not always a good thing) but it’s managed to work its way into the fabric of everyday life. From people using PowerPoint as desktop publishing tool through to Tinder profile differentiator, people are judging themselves on their PowerPoint prowess…and the technical skills training industry love you for it.

Sometimes technical training programmes work…

A fantastic training course that taught me how to realise my objectives and tailor presentations for the audience. I would recommend the training for anyone who works with presentations.


Sometimes they don’t…

Whatever your reason for reaching for PowerPoint, we implore you to consider the following steps before clicking on that oh-so-familiar icon:

1. Ask yourself, do you REALLY need to be using PowerPoint? Could your message be delivered in a different and potentially more engaging medium. Hint – we call this Blended Presenting.

2. Go analogue before you go digital. Always start your presentation on paper with your audience first and foremost in mind.

3. If you really want to up your PowerPoint game, speak to a specialist. There are too many generic training companies out there perpetuating the PowerPoint presentation sins of old. By choosing a training partner that lives and breathes presentations every day, you’ll not only get the best advice and shortcuts but also insight into what makes presentations really work. Hint – it’s rarely down to your PowerPoint prowess!

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