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Today’s B2B presentations are under attack from two flanks:

  1. Dated best practice advice
  2. Habit

One of the few silver linings from the lockdown is that point 1 has been put under greater scrutiny than ever before. The enforced adoption of new technologies like Zoom and Teams has shone a light on poor presentation practices. Audiences are turning off in their droves as ‘presentation crimes’ such as an over reliance on PowerPoint, a lack of preparation and long meandering messages are called out.

Slowly but surely presenters are grasping the key tenet that underpins great presentations – the audience comes first. The future is looking a little brighter for all presentation stakeholders.


Understanding that the old rule book needs to be ripped up is only part of the battle. The bigger challenge is getting presenters to hit the reset button and start afresh. This is no easy task – the vast majority of today’s B2B presenters were weaned on a diet of poorly design PowerPoint slides that supported a corpulent story structure that placed the presenter, not the audience, at the core of everything. Extended exposure to this low quality engagement means that today’s presenter unwittingly repeats the cycle: habit.

Now is the time to hit the reset button and start building a new presentation development process, one that places the audience and outcomes at the core rather than being blindsided by slides. The team at Eyeful can help.

From working alongside you to develop your new story through to embedding the ‘new rules’ of presentations within your team, we’re on hand to ensure your next engagement delivers results for you AND your audience.

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