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Tips For Increasing & Measuring Impact

by | Feb 27, 2018 | CPD Presentations, General information

Let’s face facts – CPD presentations are about prompting action.

Simply turning up, speaking, and then dishing out the sandwiches serves little purpose for you or for your audience.

How do you measure the impact of your CPD presentation?

Here are some pointers to help keep things on the straight and narrow…

Step One – Ask the question

Why has your audience asked you to deliver this particular CPD presentation? They could get their CPD points from a whole range of other providers, so what is it about your topic that piqued their interest? Once you understand this, you can start delivering your presentation specifically around their requirements and making sure that the questions you ask are aligned with their objectives.

Step Two – Ditch the handouts

This might sound like a strange thing to do, but by providing a long and comprehensive set of handouts means that there is little audience responsibility. Embrace technology and hand out cards that have a link to a hidden URL on your website that has all the information you would have put into a handout. This allows you to view how many visits that particular page has had after your CPD presentation, thus gaining a real insight into how impactful your presentation actually was.

Step Three – Call to action

This is a general rule that should be applied to all presentations – make sure you have a strong call to action at the conclusion of the presentation. Agree with your audience what they should be doing next.

This might be something as simple as logging onto your website and downloading the technical information, or taking a note of your contact details so they can reach out to you as and when it’s required. It might be agreeing a quick conference call in a month’s time to answer any questions that you may have unearthed as part of the presentation.  Whatever suits, make sure you agree and action and stick to it.

Step Four – Follow up after your presentation

It’s very tempting to just deliver your presentation, pack up your laptop, and move on with the rest of your undoubtedly very busy schedule.  What a wasted opportunity!

Ensure you book a time to follow up. What did people like about the presentation? What areas would they like to see covered in more detail? Which areas, frankly, could you improve?

Step Five – Forget the ‘happy sheets’

It’s now pretty standard to hand out a feedback form at the end of any CPD presentation. We’d respectfully suggest this is a flawed strategy – people will happily tick away as many boxes as possible to get out of the door quickly, as they know emails are piling up back at their desk. If, however, you send them a link after the presentation, you achieve a few things:

You capture their email addresses (valuable stuff!)

The feedback will be provided when they’ve got some sense of perspective so will be all the more valuable

You can point people to the additional information that might be available online

CPD presentations are incredibly important and valuable to all involved. However, it is vital that you continue to measure the impact of your presentations to ensure that they truly deliver on the investment that you make every time you stand up in front of an audience. Best of luck!



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