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It all started with a friendly chat over a virtual cuppa.

As is our way, a group of Eyefulites were shooting the breeze about emerging presentation technologies. Some of the team have been pretty forthright about the part played by technology in presentation design. In contrast, others got terribly excited about the potential of technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Yes, it was cool technology, but could it really have a part to play in the world of business presentations and communication?

And so started my journey into the weird, wonderful and occasionally frustrating world of presenting in a virtual environment, specifically the AltspaceVR platform.

So, here’s my ‘on the scene’ report from a virtual presentation world, complete with incredibly life-like avatars of fellow Eyefulites.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you think virtual worlds have a place in the future of business presentations and communications. What impact do you think this would have on your next client meeting, QBR or town hall presentation?


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