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Eyeful Presentations proudly introduces the Presentation Campus!

We’re coming to the end of a manically busy (financial) year which has seen us welcome new customers, new Eyefulites and continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. It’s been quite a ride…

As we and, more importantly, our customers show no signs of slowing down, we realised that our iconic Desford Hall offices (AKA ‘Eyeful Towers’) were not going to be up to the job. It had all become a bit of a squash and a squeeze.

It was time to up sticks just a few miles down the road and create The Presentation Campus.

Our new home is very Eyeful – quirky, situated in a picturesque village and next to a very nice pub. More importantly, it provides us with the space to build a centre of excellence for presentation development where we can realise our long-held ambition of creating an immersive and interactive experience for customers of all sizes. The bigger space and facilities means that our customers can ‘move in’ with Eyeful and experience a new level of collaboration on their most important presentation projects.

During this process, customers will be provided with unparalleled guidance from our expert storytellers, content creators and presentation coaches, all supported by Eyeful’s IP and innovations. Add to the mix our sister company, Sales Engine, who are fully equipped to support customers with formal bids, tender responses and sales methodologies. Together, we are now perfectly placed to provide customers with unprecedented support in high stakes or complex presentation and bid requirements.

In short, it puts our customers at the core of all the services they need to ensure presentation success.

As you can imagine, we’re rather excited about this…and so are our customers (we’ve never had so many visitors in such a short time!).

To learn more about how the Presentation Campus can support your next key presentation, get in touch. We can’t wait for you to join us…

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