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A lot has been written about business presentations and how to get them just right.

The design community will point to powerful graphics to ensure your message gets understood and remembered. We call this ‘valuable visuals’…and wholeheartedly agree that great presentation design is very important.

The content community will highlight the fact that we’ve been sharing stories for thousands of years and that creating a narrative arc that captures the imagination is the way to go. We call this ‘presentation storytelling’…and wholeheartedly agree that great presentation structure and stories are very important.

And, of course, the training community will talk about the importance of human interaction and that a confident, charismatic and empathetic presenter is the secret sauce behind any great presentation. We call this ‘deliver differently’…and wholeheartedly agree that great presentation delivery is very important.

The thing is, they’ve all got a point. A great message, communicated through relevant content and powerful design, delivered by an audience centric presenter forms the foundation for a successful presentation.

But what turns ‘good’ into ‘great’?

It’s something called OBP – let us explain…

For more information about OBP, please take a look around our website, or get in touch with the Eyeful team – we’re ready to spark a new presentation thinking in your business.

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