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We recently decided to overhaul our CRM system…and so started the long process of engaging vendors, reviewing options and spending endless hours debating data sets.

Once we found a vendor and agreed commercial terms, the process of implementing the system and training the wider team – yet more investment of time and money.

The reason for putting a small group of hand-picked Eyefulites through the purgatory of vendor selection and onboarding (as you may be able to tell, I’m not a systems kind of gal) were twofold.  Firstly, we needed to improve access to the right information at the right time to support our customers. Secondly, we wanted to support our new ABM strategy by understanding and proactively developing opportunities across our large and well-established relationships.

In short, the entire exercise (and considerable investment) was driven by improving service and revenue growth. It was that simple.


You wouldn’t believe how very easy it was to be blinded by fancy interfaces and bespoke GUIs when looking at options. Cool new tools that didn’t move us any nearer to our objective (service and revenue growth – the real measure of success) looked so alluring…

This is where the comparison with presentations comes in. It’s incredibly tempting to get diverted by interesting but ultimately value-free features presentation creation (cool animation tricks, image effects, sounds effects…). The value of a presentation is disarmingly simple – prompt your audience into action – yet it is so easy to forget that as you navigate your way through the shiny diversions.

So, rather than allowing your time to get sucked away by obsessing over clever transitions or an eternal search for the perfect layout, we implore you to focus on the real measures of presentation success:

  • Will the time and effort you are putting in deliver the result you want?
  • Will it prompt the change you desire from your audience?

Just like when we went to the market for a new CRM solution, temptation and diversions are everywhere…the trick is keeping your eye on the prize and delivering the result you, your business and, in the case of presentations, your audience deserves.


Presentation efficiency is a topic close to our heart. We see time, money and opportunities wasted due to poor presentations (ref. the Presentation Paradox) and we’re determined to do something about it.

We’re delighted to announce that our next Eyeful Insights publication will be dedicated to exploring the (in)efficiency of business presentations. Why do seemingly logical professionals continually spend time and energy on the unimportant elements of presentation creation while leaving the key ingredients (clear message, call to action, follow up) to chance?

We’ll be publishing our research and highlighting the things to look out for within your own business at the end of November. Watch this space…or sign up here to receive an early copy.

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