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The presentation sector is a friendly one. There are a handful of fully-fledged professional presentation firms across the UK and Europe that do similar things to Eyeful. Naturally, we all address customer challenges in slightly different ways – some have more of a focus on the design side of things, others on the technical, while we tend to fly the flag for building presentations from a solid story base.

Whatever our similarities and differences, we all rub along rather nicely. Our very niche-ness makes us brothers and sisters in arms in many ways, resulting in the occasional beer and chinwag. A few years ago, we all agreed that creating an event that would allow leaders in our specific field to share insights, experience and ideas with everyday presenters would be a good thing. Firstly, it would provide a much-needed platform to share best practice with the millions of people creating and delivering presentations across Europe. We all lament the lazy use of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ as an expectation of presentation standards within most companies – this would be a unified way of addressing this head-on.

Secondly, it would be an excellent way for us to fly the flag for our small, important but oh-so-often misunderstood niche.

Well, frankly, we never got around to it. Thankfully the ever-energetic Boris Histrov from Bulgaria had a similar idea and actually made it happen. The result? Present To Succeed, a global conference that features the great and the good from our sector. Learn more about this important event and how to join the thousands of attendees by following the links below:

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