Breaking B2B video out of its shackles

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Eyeful Lens, General information

Business video has so much going for it. Not only does it possess a unique power to connect with our most important audiences, customers, prospects, internal colleagues and shareholders, but the cost of production has plummeted over the last few years. If you own a smartphone, you’re within a click of a limited but completely functional video production suite.

However, challenges remain. Creating content that you are happy to share and will add value to your audience is not easy. Indeed, a side effect of the proliferation of video is that its currency has dropped in line with its cost. Frankly, too many B2B videos are being produced that don’t cut the mustard. Merely having a moving image and a talking head won’t ensure that your video adds any value to your engagement with your end audience.

Then there’s the issue of flexibility within video – once it’s ‘in the can’, you can’t do much else with it. This irritation quickly morphs into a major business challenge when faced with the reality that business audiences now expect unprecedented levels of personalisation in their communications. Video’s inherent restrictions mean that a lot of communication ends up at a crossroad – as business consumers, we like receiving information in a video format but if its quality isn’t up to scratch or it feels too generic, it won’t move the conversation forward one iota.

And finally, there’s the challenge of actually getting your video watched. Much of this relates back to the proliferation of video – with more online content being created today, people have stopped clicking on emailed links to video (see below).

So the challenge facing business communicators today is stark – we need to find a way of creating quality, highly personalised video content in a format that will not only get watched but also shared by our target audiences. In short, business communicators of all types, from sales and marketing through to bid support and internal comms, need to think differently.

It’s with this challenge in mind that we developed the Eyeful Lens solution. By blending expertise in audience analysis and message development, we’ve addressed the issue of content quality. Equally, by pulling on over a decade of experience of developing powerful and easily editable visual communications, we’ve cracked the flexibility challenge. And by applying new media technology in innovative ways, we’ve created a powerful and ‘sticky’ format to deliver your message to your audience.

Eyeful Lens – the result of a desire to deliver results by thinking differently.



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