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Celebrating our Diversity


At Eyeful, it’s our people that make the business tick.

We are a wonderfully diverse collection of individuals, each with unique backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives. We draw upon the rich diversity of our people in everything we do, from how we approach problem-solving, our creativity and expression of thought through to how we innovate collectively and challenge ourselves to be better every day.

This can only be achieved when our people feel completely comfortable bringing their whole selves to Eyeful. We are committed to creating an environment that enables inclusivity through better education and understanding of others. Our Diversity and Inclusion ERG, ‘All In’, is a manifestation of this commitment.

Through the ‘All In’ group, we take all of our great collective ideas and good intentions and turn them into actionable and positive changes for our culture, clients, and community.

We are at our best when we can be ourselves.


We’re a mixed bunch…and all the better for it.

Some of us love football (with some questionable teams).

Some of us love gardening, animals or superheroes.

Some will rant passionately about music and the most random of things.

But we’re all agreed on one thing – we all love food (who doesn’t?).


It’s all these differences that empower and make Eyeful what it is today.

We’re fiercely proud of our individuality. We celebrate that having a diverse bunch of talented people regardless of their race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, religion, gender, ethnicity, ability, age, or lifestyle really helps things tick around here. Our differences are our strength.

This, in turn, helps us deliver the right solutions for our customers and creates successful working partnerships across the business.

The result is, quite frankly, gobsmacking.

Remember, we are not your typical cookie-cutter style organisation with people who are sat in pre-determined boxes (that goes for our presentations too). We’re genuinely bespoke and diverse from the inside out and committed to being that way forever more. This is why Diversity and Inclusion plays such a vital role in being an ‘Eyefulite’.

If you fancy being a part of the proudly weird and wonderful Eyeful team, we’d love to hear from you and understand what makes you tick. Check out our current vacancies here.

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