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It’s finally over. Euro 2016 that glorious month of sunshine (and downpours) and fantastic free flowing (and sometimes overly defensive and dull) football has finally come to an end.

Many of us weren’t expecting a largely Ronaldo-less Portugal to beat the host nation 1-0 in extra time.

As holder of France in the Eyeful sweepstake I cut a fairly forlorn character, although perhaps not as disappointed as a few million French fans!

The result was all the more surprising because Portugal weren’t fancied after a 3rd place group finish, an aging defence and having only won one game within 90-minutes in the entire run up to the final!

So with star man Ronaldo going down injured in the final after just a few minutes (and being attacked by a huge moth to add insect to injury) how on Earth did they manage to win the tournament?

How they achieved such heady success can actually be compared quite nicely to a certain presentation scenario…

Imagine you’re up against a far superior competitor who seemingly has one hand on the deal already?

To make matters worse your star sales pitcher calls in sick on the day of the presentation – how can you take inspiration from the men in red and green?

Portugal had support where they needed it…
Not just their fans, all of Portugal’s players supported each other. When Ronaldo went off injured he didn’t disappear down the tunnel and sulk, he returned to the touchline, shouted support and metaphorically kicked every ball with his teammates.

In the same vein you need strong support in the form of PowerPoint presentation design collateral. Not just great looking design, but images and graphics that perfectly support key messages, packaged up in multiple formats that allow you to deliver seamlessly in any presentation environment whether you’re pitching to the board or chatting over coffee…

Portugal had a strong plan…
They had a solid strategy defensive strategy that they kept 4 clean sheets in 7 games. It was this strong base, with the addition of flair players like Ronaldo and Nani that paved Portugal’s path all the way to the final…

Likewise, you need sales presentation design and messaging that’s been carefully constructed on a foundation of strong messaging and structure with the added final flair of engaging design to give your business the most professional image.

Portugal were a well drilled team…
They might be considered a 1-man team, but when Ronaldo was finally stretchered off after 25 minutes, Portugal actually grew in strength. His replacement Quaresma slotted into the team seamlessly as they rigidly kept their formation and game plan intact.

You too can’t rely on one person to deliver all of your important presentations. You need a team that’s been well trained to deliver in any situation, whether they have 3 months to prepare or 30 minutes.

That’s how you win like Portugal…
Go in with a presentation as weak as Ronaldo’s left knee and you could be in trouble…

Go in with a robust message, strong presentation collateral and a well-trained team and you can’t be much better prepared to achieve presentation success.

Even if you think your much fancied and far superior competitor has you beat, don’t be disheartened because you can set your team up for success and achieve the results you previously thought were out of reach…

So if you would like your team set up to win like Portugal, just get in touch



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