Grabbing (and retaining) your audience’s attention – the rules have just changed.

by | Oct 12, 2017 | General information

We all know that engaging business audiences is becoming ever more challenging. There’s more competing noise than ever and it’s not just limited to the presentation process – it pervades the entire sales engagement, from the initial attempts to connect with a prospect all the way through to close.

In short, sales is tough and it’s a constant battle to get your proposition heard, understood and acted upon.

No matter how complex or extended the sales process, a perennial sales challenge remains – maintaining momentum. How do you sustain the warm, fuzzy feeling that you worked so hard to create between yourself and the audience?

Many turn to the classic leave-behind, a set of printed slides, in an attempt to ensure that their message lives on after the meeting. Sadly, it’s time to face facts – sending slides either in soft copy form or as printed documents left behind after the meeting are no longer fit for purpose.

This may seem a bold statement (after all, this has been the modus operandi for sales teams for decades) but just take a moment to think about any slide deck you’ve received from a presenter. Chances are that after a cursory glance, they’ve sat gathering (digital) dust ever since. Equally your shelves may be straining under the weight of countless hard copy slides that have had the same treatment.

We need to break this cycle – not only do we owe it to our own businesses but, more importantly, we owe it to our audiences.

It’s time we used a medium that not only clearly communicates with an audience at each key stage of the sales conversation, but also delivers our message in a format that truly connects.

It’s with this challenge in mind that we developed Eyeful Lens. The Eyeful Lens solution pulls upon more than a decade’s experience of developing powerful engaging presentation tools and combines it with the latest technology. The net result is a sales communication tool that delivers your message in a clear, engaging and incredibly targeted way.

Let me explain…

Step 1 – Create your message and ensure that it’s ‘sticky’ – truly grabbing the attention of your audience (after all, no matter how fancy your slide design, video or wacky animation, if your message is generic and doesn’t connect with your audience, you’re doomed). Make no mistake – optimising your message is absolutely key.

Step 2 – Build in the ability to quickly and easily personalise your message. This personalisation can come in many forms, from focusing on the needs of a sector…or a specific company…or a named individual. All personalisation can be carried out by you through a combination of editable content and live video. Simple, quick and incredibly powerful.

Step 3 – Upload the personalised content onto the Eyeful Lens unit, despatch and then follow up.

The end result is that your message works harder than ever through each stage of the sales process. So, when you’ve left the building, your proposition is still being delivered in exactly the way you want it to be…and consumed by stakeholders, known and hidden, in a format that is, by its very nature, viral.

When was the last time an emailed PowerPoint did that?

We call this new approach Eyeful Lens and it’s the new standard in B2B sales communication.



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