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Data heavy presentations are boring…

That’s what we hear frustrated presenters tell us all the time. They want to give a good presentation, they want to make a point, or prove a theory or trend but the only thing they have to back it up is boring, dry data.

Or so they think…

Here at Eyeful we love a good graph! And I’m not talking about just designing it so it looks like one of the nicest graphs you’ve ever set eyes on.


We know if your delivering a presentation that relies on data as a part of it, then that data is part of a story and if working it into your presentations in an interesting and engaging way is something that interests you, then you’re in luck…

As this is what Eyeful MD Simon Morton has been discussing with Grant Leboff in his latest venture in front of the Sticky Marketing audience…

If you would really like to get some in-depth advice on dealing with data you should consider checking out our Advanced PowerPoint Training module on Valuable Visuals. This module focuses specifically on the secrets behind powerful graphics; how to turn data into a visual story and when (and when not) to use infographics as a way to deliver your data.

Training Arch

Valuable Visuals is just one module that sits in our all-encompassing range that cover the three stages of presentation creation: Think, Act and Deliver.



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