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It’s National Stationery Week so Eyeful are giving away free Storyboard Starter Packs to assist you to create stronger presentations in the right way…

Planning your presentations on paper and not heading straight to the PowerPoint presentation design stage, is the best way to create a more effective and more compelling presentation.

For example here at Eyeful, we always start by planning and structuring your presentation’s story on paper, which is why our storyboard pads are so useful…

Our tried and trusted Presentation Optimisation process starts with a workshop where we really get to the heart of why you are presenting. We would ask many challenging questions, analyse the profile of your audience and decipher what key messages will inspire them into following your call to action.

The messaging of your presentation will then be structured into a story flow, which is essentially the chapter headings of your presentation. This ensures your important key messages are delivered to your audience via a story that they will remember.

With your story in place, we then visualise in an interesting and engaging way, keeping well away from typical ‘Death By PowerPoint’ presentations…

This is where the Eyeful Storyboard Starter Pack becomes invaluable. This bundle contains a storyboard pad, set of pencils, eraser and a helpful guide to give you advice and inspiration on how to visualise your key messages.

We asked Eyeful’s presentation expert Luke Riordan for his thoughts on how the Eyeful Storyboard Starter Pack could help improve your presentations…

Request your free Eyeful Storyboard Starter Pack now… 



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