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Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton has come up with a whole bunch of great ideas to help people create better presentations over the years…

There’s Blended Presenting, The Audience Pathway and my personal favourite The Presentation Landscape to name just a few – all of which have been packaged up in this rather handy guide known as, The Presentation Lab – Simon’s acclaimed book.

The Presentation Lab Book - Compressed Another idea in the book and something that you’ll find us putting into practice on all of our clients presentations, is that of the Audience Heatmap – which is a really useful tool that helps you to really, really consider your audience.

It’s way more than simply respecting them and it’s not as complicated as trying to read their reactions or body language…

It’s all about considering your relationship with your audience, working out what drives them, what motivates them and helping you to plan and focus your presentation so that you say and show the right messages to motivate them towards following your call to action.

You can find out all about Audience Heatmap’s in this short interview with Grant Leboff of Sticky Marketing


The video is just four minutes long, so stick the kettle on and check it out…

If you like the idea and think it might benefit your next presentation, then why not try it out? Eyeful are the presentation experts and we’ll happily analyse your audience and create you, your very own Audience Heatmap – for free!

An Audience Heatmap now comes as standard in our Presentation Healthcheck 2.0 service, which as I say, won’t cost you a bean.

By taking part you will receive…

• Your own unique Audience Heatmap
• A full review of your presentation against your audience’s profile & your own objectives
• A comprehensive report – detailing its strengths and weaknesses, and a benchmark against your market and audience type
• An Action Plan with bespoke recommendations on how to improve your PowerPoint presentation design and make it stronger

To get some help in focusing your presentation on your audience just click here



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