Is your SKO/GSC delivering ROI?

by | Jan 31, 2018 | General information, Sales Presentations

We’re in the thick of Sales Kick-Off season.

At this moment, thousands of sales people across the land are packing bags and preparing to depart to an exotic location for days of back-to-back presentations about new strategy, products, skill development and marketing plans. Travel and entertainment budgets will be stretched, and sales activity temporarily halted as a large chunk of your business takes a moment out to prepare for the year ahead.

Our advice? Tread carefully.

Sales Kick-Off events are fraught with potential pitfalls. The well-intentioned extravagance of a wonderful location and open bar can fail to deliver any return on investment if your presentation messaging and delivery fall short. Your considerable investment and future opportunities are quickly negated if sales people leave confused due to lack of clarity around your message. Panic not. It’s never too late to make small but significant changes to your Sales Kick-Off presentation and messaging… and Eyeful’s Sales Kick-Off Blueprint guide is the perfect place to start. Simply click here to learn more about setting powerful SKO objectives, speaker preparation and dodging the perennial ‘Death by PowerPoint’ bullet… and how a few simple tweaks now can ensure continued and longstanding ROI from your Sales Kick-Off event over the next 12 months.



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