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A long time ago, in a country far far away a film creator by the name of George Lucas gave us (in my opinion) the ultimate story – Star Wars.

Happy Star Wars Day!

I believe Star Wars is the ultimate story for a few reasons. Growing up in the mid 80’s the original movies were on every single Christmas Day that I can remember.

But, the event that really confirmed my love for Star Wars was when I awoke one Christmas morning to find the hallway floor decorated with lots of new Star Wars toys. They weren’t wrapped or even boxed, but laid in a sort of action scene mix of figures, space ships and other random vehicles from the Galactic Republic!

This is the everlasting memory of my childhood.

Great stories have that power to be remembered for a long time. This is why we use story-telling in our presentations and why on May the 4th 2015 I wrote a Star Wars related blog about how to make memorable content as part of your PowerPoint presentation design…

Like all good stories, it’s key principles remain the same years later…

There are lots of examples in Star Wars of memorable content. There’s the Death Star exploding (twice), the very first scene where the Star Destroyer comes into shot – and of course, who could forget Jabba the Hut!

There’s the moment in The Empire Strikes Back where Luke is hanging on by a thread, his hand just severed by Darth Vader’s light saber, who then twistedly asks him to join him on the dark side, because, “I am your father…”

Now that’s one heck of a plot twist, when your mortal enemy actually turns around and says, hey I’m your dad, let’s rule the universe together. It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 60 – that’s deep.

These kind of magic moments travel too. YOU can produce an ‘I am your father moment’ in your presentation and the audience will take note and remember it long into the future.

A word of warning though…

You’ve got to make your presentation story and your messages memorable, (we call this sticky content); not just to create a whiz bang moment.

Everyone in the world of presentations knows about Steve Job’s famous MacBook in an envelope. A very cool, very clever moment that everyone remembers. But what else do you remember about that?

The key message there was “This laptop is very, very cool, because it’s very, very thin.” Not that it has a great processor, a fantastic hard drive and outperforms every other laptop on the market. Nope, we know that, that laptop was very, very thin.

The way to make your content engaging and memorable, yet still resonating with your audience long into the future is through great storytelling!

And this is where the Star Wars story gets it so right, it has its jaw dropping “I am your father and have a very, very thin laptop in an envelope, join me on the dark side and it’s yours…” moments. But it’s the fact Star Wars takes you on a journey across the galaxy, this is what keeps audiences hooked and makes the whole thing ‘sticky’.

“By introducing a structure, story or narrative arc, you can give your message the opportunity to grow legs, travel and get shared time and time again.”
Eyeful CEO, Simon Morton in The Presentation Lab.

Get this right and your audience will be that version of me as a wowed 5-year-old walking amongst all my new toys and down the line they will still remember your presentation and your message – and that’s cooler than owning your own light saber. Zrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

But if you don’t consider yourself George Lucas when it comes to crafting stories, then fear not – just get in touch – as our expert consultants are the Jedi Masters of creating sticky presentation story – as for them, the force is strong.



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