My Audience Is Comatose & Other Presentation Problems – Introduction

by | Jun 6, 2018 | General information, Presentation Problems

An often-quoted stat is that presentations feature remarkably high up the list of common phobias. Indeed, many of these (slightly arbitrary) lists put fear of public speaking above fear of death, prompting Jay Leno to quip ‘I guess we’d rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy’.

Jokes aside, presenting is fraught with challenges, each personal to you. These might range from sweating over the clarity of your message, panicking over the impact of your slide visuals or that old favourite, managing your nerves and a rising sense of panic. If presenting is part of your daily life, chances are that you’ll have experienced a challenge or two along the way… and we’d like to help.

So, we’ve pulled together experts from across Eyeful to offer guidance, support and a large dollop of experience to talk through the most common presentation problems we’re asked to fix. We’re calling the series of videos and blogs, My Audience is Comatose & Other Presentation Problems, and rest assured we’ll cover the whole gamut of public speaking quandaries.

The series kicks off in a fortnight’s time with focus on getting the maximum value from presentation preparation. We hope you find the series helpful and it plays a small part in making your next presentation as powerful and successful as it can be.



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