My Audience Is Comatose – Feeling The Post-Presentation Blues

by | Aug 2, 2018 | General information, Presentation Problems

Dear Eyeful,

I have a problem… I’m just not getting the results I want from my presentation.

When I deliver it in person, people’s minds seem to wander… and when I email it, I get told there’s not enough information in it.

I worked really hard on creating this single ‘master’ presentation and followed all your advice on message, visuals and thinking about the audience. So why are they not engaging?

Help! It’s driving me crazy!

Yours devotedly,


Hi Sophie,

The good news is that you recognise that you have a problem (your audience aren’t responding how you would like them to post presentation). Acknowledging this is half the battle – well done. However, the bad news is that there is no silver bullet – you’ve got some work to do!

This is a very common problem faced by presenters – so many people fail to prepare alternative materials for AFTER the presentation assuming a PDF or hard copy of the presented slides is going to pass muster. It doesn’t.

Instead, you need to view the engagement with your audience after the presentation as a completely new phase of the interaction. As such, take a different approach; whether that is a printed version with more content, or a summary video with voice-over created from within PowerPoint that can be shared afterwards. Your PC is awash with different options so think beyond the conventional and make the most of the opportunity.

Remember, it’s crucial to make sure you are tailoring your content for each and every audience and occasion you are presenting in. Once you start making these changes, you’ll see an improvement in the engagement from your audience and ultimately they’ll begin to follow your intended call to action (which, let’s face it, is the reason for presenting in the first place!).

Best of luck!

The Eyeful Team x

Video Transcript

Luke Riordan: A lot of people fall into the trap of trying to create a one-size-fits-all presentation that can be used when talking to a number of different audiences and in a number of different situations. It’s really important to make sure that you’re tailoring the content and the messaging of your presentation to each and every specific audience that you’re talking to. It’s also important to think about the delivery method and how you are ultimately presenting. PowerPoint’s great for large, one-to-many type presentations, however, might not be the best tool for an informal one-to-one chat over a coffee. There’s a million and one different tools and technologies available to people to help you deliver that message in the most engaging way.

It’s really important to think about the scenario in which you find yourself presenting because you can then tailor the delivery method to the specific audience and situation that you’re presenting in and to.

A lot of people are guilty of emailing their slides after a presentation. Without the content or the messaging that’s being delivered by the presenter, the slides on their own often don’t do justice to what’s being said. It’s a good opportunity, maybe, to create an alternate version of a presentation that may contain more content if it’s a printed version. Maybe it’s a self-running version of the presentation with a voice-over saved out as a video that can be emailed or shared after an initial presentation.

There’s loads of other different tools and technologies that allow you to share that same message but in a way that is engaging for the audience at that time and in that situation.

Stay tuned for another presentation problem coming next week! If there is a specific problem that you are experiencing and you’d like a solution from Eyeful, just email your problem to



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