My Audience Is Comatose – Where Are People Going Wrong With Presentation Preparation?

by | Jun 19, 2018 | General information, Presentation Problems

Dear Eyeful,

I have a problem… my boss.

Now, don’t get me wrong. She’s fantastic to work with most of the time (she even gets her fair share of tea rounds in), but she has one failing that is driving me to the edge of sanity – giving me sufficient time to prepare presentations for her.

Sometimes it can be a day (I can just about cope with that) but often I’m only given 4 hours’ notice to pull together a presentation that needs to ‘wow’ her audience. I don’t know where to start… any ideas?

Yours hopefully (and a bit desperately),


Dear Peter,


You’re right – this is far from the perfect way to create a powerful presentation however sometimes reality bites and we’ve just got to work with the little time we have.

Let’s face facts – it won’t be perfect. But, by using the little time you have sensibly and focusing on the important elements of presentation preparation, you’ve got every chance of saving the day. Let us explain…

Hope this helps.

Now grab a cuppa and start planning that next presentation!

Best of luck,

The Eyeful Team x

Video Transcript

Simon Morton: The biggest issue when it comes to preparing a presentation is most people don’t put the hard work in upfront. Now sometimes that issue is out of their control. Sometime reality kicks in and you’ve got to pull together a presentation, maybe for the afternoon, and you’re only asked about it in the morning. There’s not much you can do other than scramble together as much relevant information as you possibly can do.

Ideally though, you’ll have a bit more time to prepare your presentation. And the key to preparing a strong presentation isn’t to focus on the obvious stuff. So a lot of people dive straight into PowerPoint for example, and start crafting slides without really thinking about what they want to achieve from the presentation. So my big advice to you is, if you’re looking to prepare your presentation, forget PowerPoint, forget technology completely and start off with a blank piece of paper.

First thing you should be trying to identify is your message. What do you want your audience to take away from that presentation and ideally, do? That gives you the basis around which you can then start preparing a presentation.

Until you’ve got the right message, the right content and really understand what you want your audience to do, frankly, all the other preparation is a waste of your time.

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