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Presentations can unfortunately be synonymous with stress. It’s why Eyeful, Europe’s leading presentation design company, exists. We are in business because our presentation creation service removes the stress and headaches around creating an effective presentation that gets you a result.

As part of our National Stress Awareness campaign, we are sharing some great ideas and best practices to hopefully help you deal with a little of the stress and worry associated with presentations.

Worries such as ‘will my presentation achieve its objectives?’ or ‘will it deliver the ROI results that are required?’

To make sure your concerns don’t become a reality, simply submit your presentation to the Eyeful presentation healthcheck.

Will my presentation achieve its objectives?

If your presentations aren’t delivering results, this can of course be a stressful and worrying time, and it’s important to tackle this before any further opportunities go to waste.

The first part of the Eyeful presentation healthcheck is a short questionnaire which will generate you a high-level audience heatmap…

Your heatmap will get you thinking about your audience’s needs and help you to start putting these above your own.

This means you will be on the way to creating an ‘audience centric’ message which is the key building block to any good presentation. After all, nobody enjoys sitting through soulless, horribly generic presentations that they don’t connect with – this is a key reason why presentations fail.

Delivering a presentation that speaks to your audience and gains a genuine connection with their needs is the ultimate key to presentation success. But this is only the start…

Will my presentation deliver the ROI results that are required?

To really deliver the ROI your business needs, your presentation needs to be on song in a number of ways…

It can’t simply look good but have no clear message or structure…

If you have a great message, but a poor structure and a design stuffed with text and bullet points, your presentation just isn’t going to get the traction your effort deserves.

This is why an Eyeful presentation expert with years of experience will review your presentation against the three factors that determine its true effectiveness…

Look and Feel – is your presentation designed to a professional standard?

Messaging – does the clarity of your key messages shine through?

Structure – does your story come across in a logical and easy and memorable way?

Based on the information you provide, we’ll assess your presentation’s strengths and weaknesses and feedback to you in the form of a comprehensive report.

This report will also detail any missed opportunities, which will be good ideas and best practice advice, that we in our professional opinion believe will help to strengthen your presentation and give it an even greater chance of success.

So, if you’ve ever sat there staring at a PowerPoint, getting more and more stressed as you wonder where to start…

…at least now you’ll have some firm direction in what needs doing.

Or, you could just give Eyeful a ring on +44 (0)1455 826390 and we’ll make the whole process of presentation creation a stress-free experience…



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