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Countless business hours are lost to the creation of presentations. Estimates on how much this costs business vary wildly but Microsoft are probably not far wrong with their ‘best guess’ at $50million PER DAY.

Of course, presentations are too important to rush. Equally, for good or for bad, business is awash with them so efficiency is imperative.

We’d like to understand more about this presentation efficiency issue so that we can help people get more done to a higher standard…which is where you and this survey come in. We promise it will be quick, painless and confidential. Oh, and if you chose to leave your contact information, we’ll share our findings along with a series of proven presentation efficiency improvement techniques as a ‘thank you’.

Our survey is now closed! We would like to say a huge thank you to those of you who took the time out of your busy schedules to complete our survey. Please do keep an eye out for news on our research on this page. If you would like to register for the next Eyeful Insights paper which includes our findings, you can sign up at the bottom of this page.

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