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Investor Presentations


We get it – your investor presentation may well be the critical pitch of your business life. The hard work you’ve put in thus far, coupled with the opportunity for your idea to really fly with the right investor, creates a pressure cooker of anxieties and nerves.

Investor presentations are high stakes. You need to put your best foot forward at each and every step of the process.

The good news is that the team at Eyeful have form. We’ve played an essential role in preparing investor presentations, pitches and proposals to help a wide range of entrepreneurs and established business leaders nail the pitch and secure the investment.

Our formula for investor presentation success? Simple:

1. Story & Structure

Investor presentations do not come in kit form – every pitch deck has to be bespoke and explicitly aligned to the needs of your audience. As such, we start from a blank piece of paper and craft an investor pitch story that engages, informs and drives the right action.

2. Visual Communication

Information overload is kryptonite to an investment audience. By pulling upon the power of ‘valuable visuals’, both in the investor pitch deck and supporting documents, you can share precious insight in an easily consumed format.

3. People

Investors buy people as much as the technology/patent/IP. By putting you and your team through a comprehensive investor pitch bootcamp, you’ll be ready to tell your investment story with clarity, authenticity and passion. You’ll also learn how to present as a team and manage the barrage of questions that will come your way.

So stop panicking and start focusing on the prize at stake. The Eyeful team are ready to leap into action and provide the clarity, experience and know-how to ensure your investor pitch stands out and gets heard.

Got an investment pitch presentation coming up? Give us a call on +44 (0)1455 826390 or drop us a line and let’s talk…

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