A great presentation deserves a great presenter. In the hands of an ill-prepared and nervous presenter, your presentation loses focus, impact and staying power.

In short, your presentation is unlikely to deliver on its promise.

Of course, great presenters are not born, they’re developed. They understand the fundamental principles of your story, recognise the importance of delivering it in a way that truly resonates with your audiences and, perhaps most importantly, they embrace the need to keep on top of their game.

Which is where Eyeful+ comes in…

What is Eyeful+?

Eyeful+ is a bespoke onboarding programme designed to ensure your team are equipped with the presentation skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver presentations that drive action.

By breaking down the theoretical and practical elements of your new presentation, we ensure your team enthusiastically embraces their new presentation skills training tool. From gaining an insight into the value of the story structure through to building confidence in their own presentation delivery skills, Eyeful+ puts your presenters in the driving seat…and ensures you have a presentation that delivers an ROI much quicker than if your team were left to their own devices.



Not only do we share the theory behind your new story structure and messaging, we also prompt your presenters to ‘Think Differently’ about the entire presentation process. We’ll get them re-examining their assumptions about audience, fine tuning their messaging and refocussing their calls to action.


Your presenters need to be confident delivering their presentation using their newly developed presentation skills so, we’ll put them through their paces in terms of being able to navigate their way around the presentation, respond to questions whilst presenting and use the tool to prompt action from their audience.

We’ll also give your team access to our Eyeful³ plugin to help ensure that best practices are maintained and provide access to our studio whenever needed at a click of a button.


The biggest threat facing your presentation team is ‘presentation creep’, that insidious temptation to add, tweak and mangle your new deck with old-school slides and unrelated content. Each well-intentioned addition acts as another nail in the coffin of your carefully structured audience centric presentation.

To ensure your presentation doesn’t succumb to the ravages of ‘presentation creep’, we re-engage with your presentation team 3 months later to share feedback, answer questions and keep them on the ‘straight and narrow’.


Developing a powerful presentation that delivers and drives action is only part of the solution. If your team doesn’t have the confidence or presenting skills to deliver your new message, chances are that not much will change.

Eyeful+ is designed to ensure you get maximum ROI from your presentation while also creating a ‘best practice’ presentation culture within your team. To understand the impact, both in terms of audience buy-in and increased efficiency within a presentation team, check out the case study below.

To learn more about how Eyeful+ can impact the success of your presentation, get in touch.

Eyeful+ Case Study Part 1

Introduction To The Company And Their Challenges

Eyeful+ Case Study Part 2

The Onboarding Process

Eyeful+ Case Study Part 3

Our Clients Results

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