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Building your Core Internal Comms Presentation Skills



  • How to think differently: Setting clear Internal Comms objectives and sticking to them.
  • An introduction into the development of Story: How to share your key messages in a way that resonates with your team and prompts action.
  • Learn the power of how to connect with your team members.
  • Story Structures: The use of structure to communicate your message effectively to your team members.
  • Authenticity is key: How can you sustain your story and ensure it is relevant to your team. 


This internal comms presentation skills training course gives you the agility to be able to change your internal messages, ensure your new strategies are delivered clearly, and is the understood by all team members, so they know what action they need to take as part of new initiatives you set out.

Whether you’re updating company policy to reflect new processes, communicating internal structural changes, financial information or health and safety updates, we will equip you with the ability to deliver your message succinctly, along with the skills to adapt your internal comms presentations with ease.

It will allow you to understand the value-added from the different types of communication available, to deliver your key messages to your team in an effective way.


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